07 November 2012

Paris in October

Woh, such a long time since the last update.
I haven't even been up to anything.

But, Paris (where I went a month ago), was amazing and everything I expected and more. But then again my expectations was probably not as high / romantic as usual..

I'm quite proud over us, we only took the metro once! And that was to get to the shuttle bus to the airport. We walked all over Paris, for hours and hours and hours on end, and saw so many strange little alleys and shops and people eating baguettes..

Here's some pictures with text!

I was happily surprised over all the amazing graffiti! This was on the ground.

Monseuir Penguin!

No filter or anything, in a nice park somewhere behind the Louvre I believe.

Suddenly along our stroll Notre Dame appeared!

More fun wall art.

Even more! Bad quality, but it was really amazing!

Okay, so I mainly took pictures of street art.

"OMG a place with my name!!"

"OMG what a strange name for a bar!"

Conclusion of the trip was that I neeeeeed to go back! Even the cheapest café au lait was amazing. And so were the people! Nice bunch, them french.

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