18 September 2009

Fancy lacy~~

I've finally gotten my laptop back!
It still has all it's annoying faults left(one USB-port isn't working, touchpad is wonky and the cable has a glitch. But hey, it's a laptop, right? They are bound to have some flaws after over a year of mishandling!)

Anyway, when I got back to my mother's house, my new nails and lashes were waiting for me!

These are the ones I wear right now, sooo pretty <3
I have a hard time adjusting to them right now, I'm not used to long nails,
and haven't worn falsies for years.
I've gotten used to writing on the laptop by now and using my lighter, and I am starting to get hold of my mobile. In many other ways I'm still handicapped. Like, opening the car door. Impossible!

Today, it's only 9 days left! I still haven't packed a single item.

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