03 September 2009


Woo, I'm proud over myself!
I managed to book and pay for 3 bus tickets, by myself!
Also managed to choose the right dates and times, and see with the people I'm going to if the time is okay for them too XD
I never really do this kind of planned trips, but with the move being so close, I need to plan.

So! Tomorrow, I'll go to Sundsvall, where my father lives, and stay with him until Monday.
If I'm lucky, I might be able to persuade him into buying me some new makeup or something, after all, that'd be great! ^^;;

On Monday, it's off to Uppsala, and stay at Madde's place for a while. Buy the bag(huge travelbag I've wrote about), meet Lollo, and you know. Enjoy Uppsala.

Then, Friday, it's off to Växjö! I've been there once in my life, and my old and wonderful friends Zara and Gabi lives there, since 2 years, and I haven't even visted them! About time!

The following Monday, I'm going back to Uppsala, staying the night, and up to Kramfors again.

One of the best things is; when going to Växjö, I'm changing buses and have a little break in Norrköping, so hopefully Martin will be able to meet up with me at the station <3

I'm currently crossing my fingers, feet, eyelashes, eyes, legs, arms, boobs, everything, for that my laptop is done by tomorrow, and that my glasses arrive tomorrow!
I really want both of them with me on the trip, but I think I can just forget about the laptop.
I'm so mad that I allowed the computer to be left at that place for service. I wanted it to go to "Alina Systems"(like, the biggest computer-geek-fix-things place.), but my mother was all "Noo, this local place has reaally nice decorating!". Yeah, right. I don't care if their curtains match their sofas. It's been over a week, we got in there today, asked about the computer, got the answer "ehhh.. uhh.. we've ordered a new harddrive... don't know where it is though... ehh.."... oh, brilliant!
I really hope for it to cost more over at "red light systems"(the local place. catchy name.), than it would at Alina. Just so my mother can suck on it, haha. Alina said it'd take less than a week, and it'd cost 2000kr including a new harddrive. Red light system didn't even give an estimate of what it'd cost. Or how long it'd take. Gah.

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  1. uhm, my brother fixed his 17000 kronor computer at Alina and it works perfectly fine now! It only took a day or two if i remember right.